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Has the 21st century given us ANY good UK Christmas number ones?

Following on from THAT tweet from Justin Bieber that sent the whole country into unBELIEBERbly hyper mode, it's been confirmed that the NHS Choir is this year's UK Christmas number one.

Decorative Christmas trees
Photo: Sippanont Samchai/flickr

The news was met with jubilation by pretty much everyone as all the proceeds are heading to a range of healthcare charities.

Listen to 'A Bridge Over You' here:

However, not all Christmas number ones have been met with the same response in recent history. 

So let's have a look back at all the UK Christmas number ones from the 21st Century so far.

2014) Something I Need - Ben Haenow

The X Factor winner made this cover of the One Republic single into a huge success. Haenow's success with this song dwarfed the original which only reached number 78 in the charts. Great song, but you can just about get away with a tenuous festive link. 6/10

2013) Skyscraper - Sam Bailey

Another X Factor winner's debut single. Although it superseded the chart success of the original by Demi Lovato, Sam Bailey's 'Skyscraper' was, to me at least, unoriginal and uninspiring. A poor Christmas number one. 4/10

2012) He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother - Justice Collective

Although not a festive song as such, there's a such a powerful message of family behind the song it fits perfectly for a Christmas song. Another cover, but like this year's number one, the cause behind this was really special - fighting for justice of the 96 people who died in the Hillsborough tragedy. 9/10

2011) Wherever You Are - Military Wives with Gareth Malone

Another charity single which was propelled to the top of the charts by a swell of public support. A very emotive topic is covered in this song, however I imagine not too many listened to this after their initial charitable download. 7/10

2010) When We Collide - Matt Cardle

So we have yet another X Factor winner. This time with a cover of Biffy Clyro's 'Many of Horror'. Cardle hasn't done much (if anything at all) since and the song wasn't festive in the slightest. 4/10

2009) Killing In The Name - Rage Against The Machine

Originally released in 1993, I have no idea how this damn-awful rubbish got to UK number one. It rose to the lofty heights as a backlash against the X Factor's four-year continual dominance of the UK charts. Christmas is about family and I can't imagine grandma ... or mum ... or dad ... or anyone listening to this by the Christmas tree. 1/10

2008) Hallelujah - Alexandra Burke

There have been many great versions of this fantastic song. Alexandra Burke's was good. She sung it well. It's fairly Christmassy too, I think. 6/10

2007) When You Believe - Leon Jackson

This was the only song on the list I genuinely couldn't remember existing at any point. Is it just me? Well anyway, aren't Christmas songs supposed to be memorable? If so, this was a massive flop. 3/10

2006) A Moment Like This - Leona Lewis

Now I bet this is one everyone knows. It's not Christmas related but boy, did Leona sing it well. 8/10

2005) That's My Goal - Shane Ward

Now, I really like this song. Like, really like it! However, a Christmas song? The piano gives it a festive feel so it gets away with that marker. 7/10

2004) Do They Know It's Christmas? - Band Aid 20

I don't really know how to say this ... (because it is for charity) but it's utterly rubbish. However, Bob Geldof decided to re-record the song with modern-day artists to raise more money for the cause - which is great. However, you had 20 years to come up with a new song, Bob. 20 years! Nowhere near as good as the original but at least this song mentions Christmas. 5/10

2003) Mad World - Michael Andrews ft. Gary Jules

I love every version of this song. This version is particularly emotional and sombre. Is it really appropriate for Christmas? Maybe for the post-family-gathering reflection, 'Mad World' sounds just about right. 6/10

2002) Sound of the Underground - Girls Aloud

A catchy song for school disco lovers and fans of teen pop. No way is it a Christmas song, though! 5/10

2001) Somethin' Stupid - Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman

This one is a classic but it's not instantly synonymous with Christmas. The music video gives its damnedest best effort though. 5/10

2000) Can We Fix It? - Bob The Builder

I was five at the time and was possibly part of the reason as to why my old mate Bob nailed the top of the charts. I still have no idea how this happened though. Can anyone explain? Please? It's still a great song though. We all jig along to it - don't deny it! 6/10

How do you think the 21st Century has performed in giving us classic Christmas number ones? I'd say pretty poorly but that's just me.


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