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The 45th President of the United States will be ...

Updated: Jun 23, 2018

This time next week we will have woken up to the news, and be very much aware, of who is the newly-elected president of the United States of America and leader of the free world.

The White House
The White House is awaiting the 45th US President. Photo: Tom Lohdan/flickr

This election cycle has been like no other. Both candidates are hugely unpopular among their electorate. Both have had shockingly bad campaigns.

You’ve got Hillary Clinton: former First Lady, former US Senator for New York, and former Secretary of State. Potentially the most qualified presidential candidate in history.

You’ve got Donald Trump: billionaire businessman (we think), federal tax dodger, reality TV star, twitter user, and casual bigot. In normal circumstances he wouldn’t stand a chance.

Yet here we are a week away from final polling day – and they are neck and neck in the polls.


There’s a lot of anti-establishment feeling among people of all ages right now, all across the globe. At home old people voted for Brexit, young people voted for Corbyn (these are generalisations I know).

People don’t feel like democracy is working for them anymore.

The most clear example of that seems to be in this presidential election – Americans essentially have to choose between a sh*t and a t*rd.

BUT, one of them has to win.

And I think it will be …

Donald Trump
Donald Trump will be more smug than ever if I’m correct. Photo: Gage Skidmore/flickr

Yep! Sorry folks!

I want to make it clear now that I really dislike both candidates. If I had to vote, I’d reluctantly opt for a one-term Clinton.

But for me 'The Donald' has clinched it, or rather Mrs Clinton has lost it.

Some of the most recent polls show Trump to have a slender advantage over his Democrat rival.

With the FBI recently announcing further investigations into Mrs Clinton’s use of private emails while she was Secretary of State (allegations which have continually dogged her), it has added to the public’s mistrust of her.

One thing polling can never account for are shy voters. And in this case, it’s shy Trumpers who have slipped under the radar.

Since the FBI announcement, Donald Trump has surged in the polls and has managed to close a 12-point gap. He has the momentum.

Having been ridiculed in the media for his views and behaviour throughout the campaign, closeted Trumpers now feel they can express their support for him because of the scandal surrounding Hillary.

My prediction is one that won’t be popular among political commentators – or indeed tribal liberals. They will simply disagree with me because they can’t comprehend it through their own blinkered view of how a voter should think.

But to take that stance would be to underestimate the tidal wave of dissatisfaction with the status quo.

Watch out on the morning of November 9th for the dawn of a Donald Trump presidency.


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