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Journalists, journalists everywhere ... but not a drop to drink.

So far during my time at university, myself and my fellow journalism students have been blessed by the number of high profile journalism professionals that have come in and shared their advice with us.

The most famous until now has been John Inverdale - a BBC Sports commentator who is involved in the corporation's golf, tennis, rugby union and Olympics coverage. He was very candid about his experiences and I really appreciated how open he was in answering questions and the advice he gave us all.

The Lincoln School of Journalism also had the pleasure in welcoming back one of its old pupils who, I think, graduated in 2008. He is working for Channel 4 as an international journalist. He gave us advice and shared with us anecdotes of his experiences which included being in Egypt for its second revolution, Syria, Sri Lanka and coming face to face with ISIS.

Gemma Dawson also visited the school to talk with third years. I myself am not a third year but my natural intrigue meant I had to attend. Gemma is a video journalist at BBC Look North and who I think has a really promising career in broadcasting. She previously worked at Lincs FM and Heart 106 before she joined the BBC's 'talent pool'.

However, I am very excited to say that tomorrow, Lincoln will be playing host to Bridget Kendall MBE who will be giving a journalism masterclass on international reporting to 15 lucky people (including myself). Bridget is a diplomatic correspondent for the BBC and can boast about achievements such as being the first woman to win the James Cameron Adward for distinguished journalism and interviewing the likes of Vladimir Putin and Mikhail Gorbachev.

One thing's for sure, I canny wait for tomorrow!


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